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RANGPUR, BANGLADESH / ACCESSWIRE / June 28, 2024 / Pro Real Tech, a dynamic and innovative digital agency, proudly celebrates its first birthday today, June 28, 2024. Since its founding in June 2023, Pro Real Tech has established itself in the digital industry and offers a comprehensive package of services including digital marketing, graphic design, web design and development, software development and video production and editing.

Pro Real Tech celebrates one-year anniversary with success and growth

To celebrate this important milestone, Pro Real Tech invites customers, partners, stakeholders and the media to join in recognizing their achievements over the past year. The company’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has resulted in remarkable successes. Pro Real Tech has entered into strategic partnerships with international companies such as SK IT SOLUTION BD, Taq Mall and GIRLS FLORA LTD to expand its global presence and enhance its service offerings.

Pro Real Tech has completed over 450 projects in various fields, demonstrating its expertise and contributing to the success of a diverse global clientele. In its inaugural year, the company achieved significant financial milestones, generating over $1.3 million in revenue. This commercial success underlines the satisfaction of customers who have benefited from Pro Real Tech’s innovative digital solutions.

Introducing Corexta: Supporting agencies with cutting-edge software

A highlight of Pro Real Tech’s first year is the launch of Corexta, a comprehensive solution to streamline agency management workflows. Corexta integrates key tools such as project management, client management, financial management, HR solutions, CRM, asset management, recruitment tools and payroll management into a unified interface. This innovative software platform enables agencies to optimize their efficiency, improve collaboration and achieve measurable results.

Leadership and team dynamics

Pro Real Tech’s success is attributed to its visionary leadership and dedicated team members. Founder and CEO MD Sabbir Khan is the lifeline for the company’s rapid growth. He always appreciates the team spirit and commitment to excellence of the team. “We believe in fostering a work culture where creativity thrives alongside productivity,” says MD Sabbir Khan. He added, “Our team members are encouraged to find joy in their work, which not only enhances their creativity but also ensures timely project delivery and client satisfaction.”

The Managing Director, MD Rokibul Hasan, is always a strong telamon for the company. He plays a crucial role in maintaining operational excellence at Pro Real Tech. His precise and meticulous approach in managing the day-to-day operations ensures that the company runs efficiently and effectively. He ensures that all projects meet the high standards set by the company management. MD Rokibul Hasan said, “Getting a decent result is not that difficult when you have a team like Pro Real Tech. I want to contribute more to the digital world in the future and I would like to congratulate my team on this remarkable occasion.”

MD Zebon Hasan, the Project Manager whose close supervision ensures that every project meets its deadlines and exceeds the client’s expectations. With a keen eye for details and a proactive approach, MD Zebon Hasan fosters a culture of accountability and efficiency within the team. His strategic leadership and collaborative spirit empowers team members to innovate and execute projects seamlessly. Thanks to his skills, the project management process at Pro Real Tech is streamlined and effective, enabling the team to deliver high-quality solutions that consistently drive client success.

Future prospects and commitment to innovation

Going forward, Pro Real Tech remains focused on driving the latest innovations and exceeding customer expectations. The company continues to invest in research and development to introduce cutting-edge technologies that anticipate market trends and help businesses succeed in the digital age.

As part of its growth strategy, Pro Real Tech is actively seeking strategic investors to support its ambitious expansion plans. With a proven track record of delivering exceptional results and a clear vision for the future, Pro Real Tech offers investors a great opportunity to receive a healthy share of revenue and participate in the dynamic digital agency sector.

“We are excited about the future and the opportunities it offers,” says MD Sabbir Khan. “Our commitment to innovation and dedication to our clients’ success will continue to propel Pro Real Tech forward as a leader in the digital world. With the support of fund investors, we aim to accelerate our growth trajectory and expand our reach to further cement our position as the partner of choice for companies looking for transformative digital solutions.”

For more information about Pro Real Tech and its comprehensive digital services, visit their website.

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