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Reach record highs, but beware of the elections!

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Maria M.

Stock markets had an impressive first half of 2024, breaking one record after another. But with crucial elections looming in France and the US raising questions about the economic future, uncertainty reigns. Investors must remain vigilant in the face of potential political shocks that could wipe out these remarkable gains.

Dealers, curtains from France and the United States

Stock market, growth and election uncertainties

In 2024, the Growth of stock markets was meteoric. Indices like The American S&P 500 has exceeded its peak more than 30 times.

This dynamic is explained by the economic resilienceparticularly in the USA, and robust foreign demand in Europe, supported by unexpected growth in Chinaexplains Capital.

The The unemployment rate in America remains at a historic low of 4%. This reflects a strong economy despite high interest rates.

However, The upcoming elections in France and the USA bring with them uncertainties.

In France, political surprises such as the dissolution of the National Assembly have already shown that they can shake the CAC 40.

In the United States, The 2024 presidential election could change economic and regulatory policywhich poses risks for stock market traders.

Persistent inflation and international conflicts, especially in Ukraine and the Gaza Strip, add additional potential volatility.

Artificial intelligence and the dynamics of the stock markets

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues playing a central role in the development of the stock marketsValuations of technology companies, especially those specializing in artificial intelligence, have skyrocketed.

Nvidia, the market leader in chips for generative AI, briefly surpassed Apple and Microsoft in market capitalization. The tech giants, nicknamed “The glory seven”, have contributed significantly to Rise in the S&P 500with spectacular growth for Nvidia, Meta, Amazon and Alphabet.

However, this concentration on a single sector raises questions. If massive investments in AI are not sufficient profitabilitythe dynamics of the stock markets could suffer.

Possible regulations by competition authorities could also put a strain on these companies.

At the same time, assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), gold and commodities such as Copper and cocoa have reached record highsand shows the diversity of opportunities, but also risks, on the financial markets.

Given these numerous challenges and opportunities, stock market investors must act cautiously and keep an eye on future political and economic developments.

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The blockchain and crypto revolution is on the rise! And today, when the impact will be felt on the most vulnerable economy in this world, despite all the concerns, I tell you that I have to make a choice


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