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Readers respond: Update on Oregon inheritance tax

Oregon’s $1 million estate tax exemption, introduced in 2006, is completely outdated (“Oregon’s estate tax revenues are soaring, and not just because of rising deaths,” June 23).

The value of our house has tripled in 10 years. Prices are much higher than they were 18 years ago. I saved money by caring for my sick husband and putting some aside in case he needed long-term care. Now that he’s gone, I’m saving money for my own elderly care.

My reward for hard work and good financial management is a high inheritance tax based on a calculation that ignores inflation, which has driven up incomes and real estate and investment values ​​since 2006. Isn’t it time for Oregon to raise the inheritance tax threshold and make it financially reflective in 2024?

Mary Ann Dickey, Wilsonville

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