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Record-breaking NYC budget reverses controversial cuts

On Friday, New York Mayor Eric Adams and the City Council president agreed to a $112.4 billion budget. The agreement calls for $800 million more spending than Adams’ most recent proposal in April.

Many of the controversial cuts to libraries, cultural institutions and early childhood education included in the April proposal were avoided by both sides.

“We have done our job,” Adams said at a news conference Friday, “and we will continue to do our job right and deliver for the people of this city, for the working class that has often been ignored.”

The budget cuts, which have been the subject of a long and tough debate among city officials, could not be entirely avoided. For example, the agreement provides only $20 million more for early childhood education, which is still $150 million less than last year.

“We saved over $7.9 billion. We recovered $349 million,” Adams said, pointing to the spending cuts that helped the city balance its budget. “We demonstrated fiscal responsibility.”

The new budget will be the largest in New York City’s history, exceeding spending for this year by more than $5 billion. The New York City Council is expected to vote on the plan on Sunday, one day before the July 1 deadline.


As a result of the agreement, New York City libraries are expected to return to open seven days a week after being closed on Sundays due to planned cuts.

The Washington Examiner has reached out to Adams for comment.

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