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Residents of Chicago’s southern suburbs are not at all happy with the record-high property taxes

DIXMOOR, Ill. (CBS) — Record high property taxes hit Homeowners in the southern suburbs of Chicago– after a reassessment has been carried out in these municipalities.

For some property owners in the southern suburb of Dixmoor, their tax bill will more than double – and the frustration of these residents is great.

“Prices are so high right now that anyone can no longer buy their own home,” said Corey Campbell.

Campbell has owned his Dixmoor home for four years. He said owning a home has been a pleasure, but the costs associated with it certainly aren’t.

“A few years ago I had a few thousand extra in my pocket every month – now it’s only a few hundred,” he said.

Campbell is one of the homeowners in this community whose property taxes are set to skyrocket. A reassessment by the Cook County Tax Assessor’s office has led to the increases, as well as levies in various communities for things like schools, libraries and parks.

Campbell said he filed an appeal over a reassessment of his last property tax bill.

“Most of the people we know, the people I know, have had their appeals rejected – or we are still waiting to hear back,” Campbell said.

Now, his latest property tax bill will be mailed to him on July 2 — after the average tax bill in his community and nearby Phoenix more than doubled.

“If our taxes go up, I would like to see better improvements in Cook County,” Campbell said.

Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas has assembled a research team to analyze the 2023 tax bills.

“In most of the southwest suburbs, bills have gone up about 17 percent,” Pappas said. “But in 13 of the 15 suburbs (where taxes went up), bills have gone up 30 percent. Those 13 suburbs are all African-American.”

When a community has vacant stores and homes on a block go unsold, the remaining property owners face higher taxes. Pappas told CBS 2 earlier this week that many south suburban communities have had their business districts hollowed out.

Residents of Chicago’s southern suburbs are hit hard by property tax increases


“It’s pretty scary and I think it’s unfortunate for any homeowner,” Campbell said.

He said that with homeowners forced to step in to pay for businesses and neighbors to move away, “all residents are doomed.”

Homeowners in the southern suburbs said the property tax increase also placed a huge burden on them as the cost of basic necessities skyrocketed.

“Basically a problem for those who are trying to survive,” says Magda Campos.

Campos said she pays $1,000 a month to live in her Dixmoor home, which is owned by her brother, plus the cost of groceries.

“It’s crazy how much prices have gone up, and now the fact that taxes are going up as well is unbelievable in my opinion,” she said.

Campos said she would understand if her brother had to raise their rent to pay the property taxes.

In addition to the reassessment, each Cook County property tax bill details how much certain taxes have increased – so taxpayers know why they are paying so much more.

“Our message to readers is: Read the bill. Don’t pay it. Read it. Read it first,” Pappas said. “When you read it, you’ll understand where it’s going — and in the vast majority of cases, 60% of these bills go to public schools.”

Property tax bills are due August 1. Those needing a payment plan can find information on the Cook County Treasurer’s website.

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