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Ripley Castle – Historic castle and estate for sale

Ripley Castle, a 14th-century listed castle and ancestral home of the Baronets of Ingilby, is for sale.

The castle is located in the English town of Ripley, not far from Harrogate in Yorkshire.

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In the 14th century, the castle and estate became part of the Ingilby family through the dowry of Edeline Thwenge, when she married Sir Thomas Ingleby (1290–1352).

In the centuries that followed, the castle was the scene of several important events in English history.

In 1605, Sir William Ingleby (1546-1618) was involved in the Gunpowder Plot, which planned the regicide of King James I. Sir William allowed the conspirators to stay at Ripley Castle while they procured horses, but was later acquitted of all charges. Robert Wintour, one of the conspirators and Sir William’s nephew, was captured in 1606 and hanged, disemboweled and quartered.

During the English Civil War, Sir William Ingleby (1594-1652), a staunch supporter of Charles I, is said to have hidden in a priest’s hole in Ripley Castle after the defeat of the royal troops. At the same time, Oliver Cromwell stayed there for the night.

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Ripley Castle has remained in the Ingilby family and is currently owned by Sir Thomas and Lady Ingilby. The castle survives as a magnificent manor house with a central two-storey section flanked by a tower and a three-storey wing constructed of layered sandstone and ashlar.

It served as the setting for the 1976 Disney film Escape from the Dark, the BBC television series Gunpowder and Channel 5’s Anne Boleyn.

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The sale of the castle and estate is being handled by real estate agent Carter Jonas, who will place an advert with the sale price on the market in autumn 2024. The estate includes several lakes, a wildlife park, greenhouses and a vegetable garden.

A statement from Sir Thomas and Lady Ingilby said: “Most businesses on the estate will continue to operate as normal and our valued customers, staff and tenants will be informed of any changes to this plan as soon as possible.”

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