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Shooting on Rachel Zegler’s Snow White film is finally complete

Rachel Zegler confirms that Disney’s Snow White Principal photography on the film has finally wrapped, after initially being scheduled to be completed in 2022 and recently undergoing reshoots.

According to reports, the film was not well received by audiences, and in October last year, Disney postponed the film’s release by a full year, from March 22, 2024, to March 21, 2025.

Rachel Zegler: Filming of “Snow White” finished

Earlier this month, Gal Gadot also confirmed that she was involved in reshoots, as Gadot plays the Evil Queen. “It feels good to be back!” Gadot posted.

“That’s it for Snow White and I’m so damn proud and touched,” Zegler said in her Instagram story. “I love these people so much.”

As for the issues, Disney says it seems to be a savvy take on a classic character that puts the agenda ahead of the quality of the story.

Gal Gadot: Reshooting “Snow White”

Zegler stated – and then backtracked – that she was afraid of the original cartoon, only saw it once and never again.

She also said she was so scared of the Disney ride that she hasn’t liked anything Snow White since. She called Prince Charming a stalker, said it was weird, and said her character won’t fall in love in the new film, but will be a leader.

Disney Snow White Rachel Zegler

It is unknown if the long delay and reshoots removed the woke content that turned off audiences. Recently I saw Disney’s non-woke film. from the inside to the outside 2 have made the big breakthrough.

Disney also recently parted ways with the manager who was responsible for the live-action films after major failures, including the live-action films Little Mermaid.

Amazing Spider-ManDirected by Marc Webb. BarbieGreta Gerwig is credited as a screenwriter along with Erin Cressida Wilson, but Gerwig said she was only hired for a few weeks, reviewed the script and contributed a few jokes.

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