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Sonakshi Sinha’s wedding sweets included handmade and traditional mithai

By Devi Poojari Updated: June 30, 2024

The delicious offerings were handcrafted by a sweet shop in the suburbs of Mumbai especially for the guests at the Sonakshi-Zaheer wedding and included traditional staples as well as some novelty treats for the guests to try. Read on to know more about the luxurious sweet offerings.

While details of Sonkashi Sinha’s wedding to Zaheer Iqbal have been kept under wraps, a sweet shop in the Mumbai suburb of Borivali was entrusted with the task of pampering the couple’s guests with sweet treats. A concept shop called Meetha by Raddison Hotels served delicious morsels from Motivor Ladoo, Kesar Barfi and a Gulkand Ladu decorated with dried rose petals. The first-class sweet shop, which has already supplied the wedding of television actress Ankita Lokhande, is famous for some interesting creations in addition to the usual suspects of an Indian sweet shop.

Brightly lit shelves display chocolate Biscoff pedas, cinnamon apple and strawberry shaped mithais, and popular warm treats made with seasonal fruits like citrus and mangoes alongside the various varieties of barfi and ladoo. The sweet shop also specialises in a red velvet cheese ladoo, walnut rolls, and a handpicked selection of house specialities served on their elaborate 56 mithai thali. Their artisanal creations range from a blueberry barfi to traditional recipes for mawa ladoos to unusual combinations of chocolate and orange fused together in barfi form.

While Heeramandi The actress’ favorite dessert is a simple creation made from kheershe also enjoys a healthy mix of continental treats like doughnuts, cakes, muffins and more. Sonakshi is known for her particular fondness for all things chocolate and has also once claimed to have found the best Swiss chocolate money can buy during a trip to Dubai. Tell us in the comments what your favourite sweet treats are and where you can find them in your city.

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