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Southern Poverty Law Center lays off staff to align work with its mission • Alabama Reflector

This is a developing story; the article will be updated as more information becomes available.

The Southern Poverty Law Center confirmed the layoffs in an email Wednesday afternoon.

The group said it was taking steps to “streamline our activities and operations to strengthen our capacity to advance a multi-ethnic, inclusive democracy and to anchor our work in the perspectives and priorities of communities most affected by human rights violations.”

“We have internally announced the consolidation of certain programs and activities and the elimination of others, which has resulted in staff reductions,” the press team wrote. “This was a difficult but necessary decision to align our work with our programmatic priorities and goals. We deeply value the contributions of all of our staff and their commitment to ensuring that the promise of equal justice for all becomes a reality.”

The SPLC did not disclose the number of people who would be laid off as a result of the changes. The Reflector had asked the SPLC to confirm an earlier statement from the union that at least 60 people would lose their jobs.

They said the changes would enable them to have a greater impact on marginalized communities in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia and Florida, as well as across the country.

The SPLC union wrote in a statement that the layoffs would harm the SPLC’s mission to help people in the Deep South.

“Are these the actions of an organization fighting for racial justice in the Deep South?” they wrote. “How will today’s firings help us achieve our goals of fighting hate, releasing Black and Brown people from prison, defending democracy, and eradicating poverty? The answer is: they will not.”

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