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Stephen King-approved horror film with 96% RT rating unsettles VFX artists


  • Infested
    a French horror film about a spider that releases poisonous threats, is praised by Corridor Crew for its impressive mix of realistic and CGI arachnids.
  • The film received a 95% “Certified Fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a glowing review from Stephen King, and could lead to a renaissance of spider-themed horror films.
  • Infested
    The success of also provides an exciting sequel for co-writer and director Sébastien Vaniček’s upcoming film.
    evil Dead
    because he was able to deliver an exciting mix of deadite horror and astute social criticism.

Although the film is already one of the biggest horror hits of the year, Infested receives a rave review from Corridor Crew. The French horror film, co-written and directed by Sébastien Vaniček, is about an exotic animal lover who acquires a spider that unwittingly releases a poisonous threat into his run-down apartment complex. After a successful launch in its home country, Infested Its international premiere was on Shudder, where the film received further rave reviews from critics and audiences, including Stephen King, and currently holds a 95% “Certified Fresh” approval rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

Less than two months after the premiere of the film Shudder, the VFX artists of Corridor Crew have taken a look at Infested in the latest episode of “VFX Artists React”.

In the episode excerpt shown above, Niko presents excerpts from Infested to Niko and Wren, the latter of whom is generally afraid of spiders and becomes humorously unsettled as the segment progresses. The group shares their enthusiastic reactions to the film’s mix of real spiders and visual effects, with Niko noting how the spiders “so well animated” to create a truly exciting journey.

Infested is a promising sign for the future of horror for two reasons

Although it was only released as a streaming release in international territories, InfestedThe success of offers a number of exciting clues about the future of the horror genre. One of the main reasons is the possibility of a revival of spider-themed horror films, with the subgenre generally showing comedic approaches in recent years. 2024 will bring not only Vaniček’s film, which contains as much social criticism as genuine goosebumps, but also the slightly lighter version Stingit’s clear that the filmmakers want to explore the true terror of arachnids.

Another reason why Infested is an exciting sign for the future of the genre, what Vaniček has planned after his debut as a feature film director. Shortly before the film’s release, Shudder announced that the writer/director had been hired to create a new evil Dead Spinoff, which he created together with his Infested collaborator Florent Bernard. In addition to his unique exploration of class issues in France and the brutal treatment by law enforcement, Vaniček showed a strong grasp of a film style reminiscent of original films. evil Dead Director Sam Raimi, namely the hallway sequence seen in the Corridor Crew review above.


Why Stephen King is right about this new horror film with a 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes

Stephen King has raved about a new horror film, and the reviews back it up, with the film boasting an impressive 96% Rotten Tomatoes rating.

Given the evil Dead The franchise is generally known for its practically oriented horror, Vaniček’s ability to create both realistic spiders and creepy CGI arachnids in Infested suggests he’s another great filmmaker to take Raimi’s franchise forward. The 2024 film also offers some insight into how it could tie a deeper story into the grandiose Deadite murders it’s known for, as Vaniček and Bernard’s script never allows its themes to overshadow its spider-driven horror. Plus, with King’s vocal support from Infestedand the release of the viral hit on the platform Late Night with the DevilShudder could well see a significant increase in subscriptions.

Source: Corridor Crew

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