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Banksy has confirmed that a mural on a building behind a tree in Finsbury Park, north London, is his own work.

The secretive street artist confirmed on Instagram that he had the building behind the felled tree on Hornsey Road painted green to make it look like it had leaves.

Local MP Jeremy Corbyn visited the artwork and wrote on Facebook: “Banksy has come to Islington!

“What a wonderful work of art that proves that there is hope for our nature everywhere.”

And Islington City Council does not condemn graffiti at all, but rather explicitly welcomes the work.

“Islington has always been a borough that celebrates creativity and the way culture is used to tell meaningful stories,” said a post on X, formerly Twitter.

The authority then clarified that the tree’s health was poor and that it had been cut down for safety reasons and to extend its lifespan.

Banksy’s last public artwork in London was a stop sign in Peckham, which he created in December.

A person removes a Banksy artwork unveiled in Peckham, south-east London (PA Wire)A person removes a Banksy artwork unveiled in Peckham, south-east London (PA Wire)

A person removes a Banksy artwork unveiled in Peckham, south-east London (PA Wire)

Unfortunately, the artwork was stolen by two men in the presence of a large crowd.

Where Banksy will appear next is anyone’s guess – but for fans of modern art, here are the places he has appeared in London and can still be seen.

*Quick disclaimer – London is always changing, so if you know of any of the following locations no longer exist, please email [email protected]… And if you’re Banksy and want to get in touch, please use the same address!

Monk family

One of the most famous surviving works in London is the so-called Monk Family in Church Street, Stoke Newington.

Yellow flower

This larger work was created in 2007 on Pollard Street in Bethnal Green; the flower grows from double yellow lines painted on the street.

Barbican Mural

Watch for police frisking a devil-like figure reminiscent of a 2017 work by Jean-Michel Basquiat.

ATM Girl

Quite faded, but you can still see a little girl being lifted into an ATM by a robotic arm in Clerkenwell.

Boy fishing

Off the Thames Path on the south side, look for this faded mural of a boy.

The Velázquez mural (Reuters)The Velázquez mural (Reuters)

The Velázquez mural (Reuters)


Faded but not forgotten, this homage to Spanish Baroque painter Diego Velázquez can still be seen on Portobello Road. It was covered up in 2008 but resurfaced in 2019.

Old cars

At the Truman Brewery complex in Shoreditch, a weathered pink car can be seen next to a newer but equally unroadworthy white car.

Policeman and poodle

In Rivington Street in Shoreditch, near the Truman Brewery, a police officer with a poodle stands in a “designated graffiti area”.

shopping, woman, fall

A woman falls from a building in Bruton Lane, Mayfair while pushing a shopping trolley. This is a variation of the saying ‘shop until you drop’.


Rodents are always bad news, but some of Banksy’s earliest works are worth seeing. These have faded a bit these days, but the stencils are still everywhere. Check out the spots under Cannon Street railway bridge, under London Bridge, on Tonbridge Street in King’s Cross, and on Chiswell Street.

You might even see a rat sneezing into a tube.

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