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Textile art exhibition brings unique works to the Depot Art Gallery

Wedding dresses, pumpkins, felt and porcupine quills are among the artworks that will be featured in an upcoming exhibition at the Depot Arts Gallery.

The 2024 Fiber Art Colorado Show will showcase a wide range of media and styles, said gallery spokeswoman Peggy Dietz. The exhibit, which will be on display July 23 through Sept. 7, will include 81 artworks by artists from across the state, Dietz said.

She said this year is the first exhibition of its kind at the Depot Arts Gallery on W. Powers Ave. in Littleton. Unlike the gallery’s regular exhibitions, which often feature predominantly two-dimensional works, the textile arts exhibition focuses on works that are predominantly three-dimensional or made of layered materials.

“It’s a break from our traditional work,” she said. “Unlike digital, everything is very manual and that’s what’s so unique these days.”

Fiber art is made from natural or synthetic fiber materials such as fabric or yarn, Dietz said. She added that the exhibit will include a wide range of other three-dimensional materials such as clay, jewelry, yarn, felt, natural objects and more.

The focus of the artworks in this exhibition is on the meaning of the works, she said.

In one work, artist Joyce Murphy used fabric from her grandmother’s 19th-century dress to create a collage.

“Slices of the purple silk are mixed with memorabilia and a sepia photo of the grandmother in her 1890 dress,” Dietz said.

In another work, artist Kathy Triplett created a “porcupine gourd” sculpture consisting of a gourd painted with alcohol ink and decorated with pine needles and porcupine quills, Dietz said.

Other pieces include handicrafts, vegetable dyes, basket weaving, homemade paper, artificial grass and more.

The jury for the exhibition was Cecily Cullen, director and curator of the Center for Visual Art at the Metropolitan State University of Denver.

As with all exhibitions at the Depot Art Gallery, admission to the gallery is free. The gallery is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11am to 4pm. These hours also apply during Western Welcome Week in August.

A public reception for the show will take place on July 26th from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

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