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TGI’s 0 million virtual ad tech deal consolidates expertise

Sports media agency TGI Sport has agreed to acquire ad tech company Supponor for about 100 million euros ($108 million), according to a person familiar with the deal. Supponor’s capabilities, some of which are used by the NHL for its digitally placed dashboard inventory, complement TGI’s growing arsenal of virtual advertising offerings.

TGI first invested in Supponor in 2019, and the two groups have joined forces in their recent endeavors with a particular focus on the international market. Supponor is headquartered in London, while TGI Sport operates in 50 countries and is headquartered in Australia.

Supponor’s AIR platform allows rights holders to add virtual sponsorship placements on playing fields and/or replace physical ads with more regionally specific or targeted spots for digital viewers. Supponor’s tools have been used in football, horse racing, basketball, rugby and other sports. The NHL partnered with the company in 2022 to develop ways to automatically place dynamic graphics across camera-visible dashboards. This total effort reportedly cost the league tens of millions of dollars and seven years of development time as more sports embraced the power of virtual advertising technology.

In 2021, Bruin Capital invested $100 million in TGI Sport, becoming a co-owner alongside Quadrant Private Equity. Advertising signage was also a key component of this deal, as TGI owned a tool that complemented physical LED boards at events to show different advertising to different audiences.

TGI has since made several acquisitions of other sports advertising and technology companies. TGI Sport also offers live production, content creation and talent management services. The company has more than 150 clients.

“With this latest acquisition, we are establishing industry best practice in a growth sector with tremendous momentum,” said Martin Jolly, CEO of TGI Sport, in a statement. “We are also positioning TGI Sport to take advantage of all the new opportunities around AI.”

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