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That’s why Travis and Jason Kelce believe London will have an NFL team within a decade

The NFL has been playing its regular season overseas since 2007. The first such game was played in London, a city that has hosted more NFL games than any other international city. There have long been rumors that London would be first in line if the NFL were to expand beyond the United States.

According to brothers Jason and Travis Kelce, it might not be long before the league does just that. During a “No Stupid Questions” segment on their New Heights podcast, the Kelces were asked if they would be willing to play for a team in London.

“Hell yes,” said Jason. “Without a doubt.”

Travis, meanwhile, said he would only play for the Chiefs if he got the chance to play internationally. “I’m waiting to play for a team other than the Chiefs,” Travis said. “That’s the only way I can play overseas.” (Jason clarified that his younger brother meant his hometown team would play overseas, and Travis confirmed this.)

They then got onto the topic of when we might actually see the debut of such a team and had the following exchange:

Jason: How long do you think it will be before there is an NFL team in London?

Travis: Less than 10 years.

Jason: You think within the decade?

Travis: I don’t know exactly if it will be London.

Jason: If there is an NFL team, London will be the first place they play. I can officially confirm that.

Travis: I mean, that’s the place we’ve played the most abroad, yes.

Jason: (London) has the most fans. It’s a big market. The only other cities that would be in the mix are Germany, which has a lot of NFL fans. So there would probably be a German team in Munich or Berlin, I suppose. But I think London will get the first – if it ever happens.

It doesn’t sound like they’re working with a lot of inside information here, but there’s been so much talk about an NFL team in London that it feels like it’s only a matter of time. It would make sense to have another team in Europe if London does indeed get a team, but the NFL has also ventured into Mexico City in recent years with games at the Estadio Azteca, so perhaps teams in Mexico and/or Canada could be a first step toward international expansion that European cities could follow.

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