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“The Acolyte” proves that Disney knows how lightsabers work

Fans like to point to Qui-Gon Jinn’s death as a benchmark for all lightsabers. Darth Maul stabbed Qui-Gon and he died, so anyone who gets hit by a lightsaber should end up taking a nap in the dirt. But that line of thinking ignores the real reason Qui-Gon died and Sabine didn’t. The writers wrote it that way.

As proof of the inconsistency of these weapons, we forget The Acolyte for a moment and see how lightsabers work in The Force AwakensFirst, Kylo Ren kills the character played by Max von Sydow with a single blow of his lightsaber.

Later, Ren stabs his father Han Solo in the heart, killing the aging villain instantly. So far, the glowing death sticks seem pretty deadly, right? Obviously Disney knew about this beforehand. The Acolyte that lightsabers are a dangerous business.

Uh oh! I spoke too soon. Later, Kylo Ren slashes Finn’s spine, causing only a minor injury. Meanwhile, Rey sweeps her plasma saber across Kylo’s face, leaving a superficial cut. That’s two out of two, but guess which two injuries fans are focusing on?

But that’s Disney, isn’t it? Obi-Wan treats lightsabers like an inconvenience and The Acolyte treats lightsabers like highly efficient batons. As I said above: lax.


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