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The French training course offer in sport

A few days before the opening of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, Campus France has published the new catalogue of French sports courses, listing 580 courses in 115 establishments, covering 50 sports in 20 fields of study.

Catalogue of sports training

A complete catalogue with convenient access to training courses

Campus France published a new catalogue of French sports training courses for international students. This catalogue has been updated to reflect the year of Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024 in Paris and are the result of careful survey work and the sorting of relevant information according to field of expertise and type of institution.

Sport for training, sport for well-being and health, inclusive sport, competitive sport: this is what many French universities offer!

This catalogue lists 580 Training Courses at universities, CREPS, schools and training centers in sports, management schools and more. About 50 sports in 20 areas to choose from: Law, Economics and Management, Education and Teaching, Sports Training and Performance, Sports Journalism, Management, Economics and Marketing, Medicine, Biology and Health, Social Sciences and Culture. With the new practical indextakes you directly to the page with the study programs and specializations. Certificates for physical education and the practice of 50 sports are recognized, Students can enroll in a 2- or 3-year course (DEJEPS, BTS, DEUST, License And Professional license), 5 years (Master, MSc, …), up to doctorate and postdoctoral studies.

A rich offer, adapted studies, a range of possibilities

Top athletes in France benefit from an adjustment of their university studies to both practice sport and complete their academic course. The main courses in STAPS (which means “Sciences and Techniques of Physical Activities and Sports”) are the most extensive in universities, with a university service for physical and sports activities (SUAPS in French) that offers students a range of sports at all levels for health and well-being or competition. Whether for training or athletic training, training takes place in different environments depending on the French region: mountains, coasts, natural environments and innovative infrastructures.

In addition to the training courses in France, There are many career opportunities in sports: Teacher, trainer, organizer, paramedic, lawyer, tourism specialist, fitness professions, journalist, video director and more. Sport is recognized by French universities as a vector of integration and inclusivityInternational students can also Choose an establishment certified with the “Bienvenue en France” quality label. Label guaranteeing a quality of reception that meets their expectations and that offers adapted training and a framework to practice different sports and continue their studies at the highest level. Certified institutions value and encourage students’ sporting activity by developing sports, health and sports-leisure offers. Students benefit from areas suitable for the practice of their sport on their campus or near it and have the opportunity to participate in competitions with an institutional club. Validation of sports skills is also embedded in the training mechanism, with credits being awarded towards taking the final exams.

Training offer in sports: key figures

  • 115 institutions
  • 140 degrees and certifications
  • 175 courses and 65 options
  • 580 referenced courses
  • 15 fields
  • 50 sports including: Athletics, Rowing, Badminton, Cricket, BMX, Canoeing, Kayaking, Canyoning, Cycling, Golf, Triathlon, Hockey, Judo, Jujitsu, Motorcycling, Swimming, Diving, Paragliding, Rugby Union, Roller Skating, Skateboarding, Softball, Caving, Team Sports, Equestrian, Motor Sports, Water Sports, Tennis, Table Tennis, Shooting, Triathlon, Sailing, Volleyball, Mountain Biking, Water Polo.

See you in France to study at a university and practice your sport in an exceptional environment!

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