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A new round of wrestling legends and a major pop superstar have been added to WWE 2K24. The popular video game has released its latest downloadable content, Post Malone and friendson 26 June for 9,99 €In addition to Malone, the update includes Honky Tonk Man, Sensational Sherri, and The Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher) as playable characters, and Jimmy Hart is included as a manager.

Fans will already notice that the game marks the Grammy-nominated artist’s WWE 2K debut. However, it also marks the return of the featured wrestling legends in the video game series. Honky Tonk Man and Sherri haven’t appeared in a WWE game since WWE 2K16, where the former WWF Intercontinental Champion was the only playable superstar. As for the Headbangers, they haven’t been playable in a WWE game since WWF Attitude, which came out in 1999.

It’s been a long time since these legends were made available to WWE 2K fans, but was it worth the wait? I played with each character to give my review of the Post Malone and friends and will rate it on a scale of 1 to 10. I’m not including Malone either, as it wouldn’t be fair to compare a special guest character to people who have wrestled.

WWE 2K24: Sensational Sherri Collage
WWE 2K24: Sensational Sherri Collage

In my review of the ECW Punk Pack DLCI was blown away by the work the developers did to make each character model look more realistic than their counterparts. I believe the Post Malone and friends takes the look of each character to a new level. Honky Tonk Man, Sherri and The Headbangers look absolutely incredible and show how much attention the developers put into the representation of each individual legend.

The standout of WWE 2K24’s new stars was Sherri. She looks amazing and looks almost exactly as she did during her wrestling career. Her outfit appears to be almost identical to when she faced Rockin Robin for the WWE Women’s Championship on December 26, 1987.

There are notable differences, such as her hair used to be brown. WWE 2K24 gave Sherri black hair, which is similar to her appearance when she was a manager. They are small details of these legends that younger fans may not notice, but people who watched Sherri during her wrestling career might criticize them. Despite this, all of the character models are very close to their real-life counterparts during their wrestling careers, which should please the majority of fans.

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One of my complaints about the ECW Punk Package was that the developers could have included more of the characters’ iconic movesets. One example was that the Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray Dudley & D-Von Dudley) were missing one of their signature moves, which I felt should have been included. In this latest DLC, the developers did a perfect job of designing each legend’s movesets to be unique. Fans will notice that Honky Tank Man and Sherri both have a style that is more reminiscent of the wrestling they did in their careers. Their movesets are simple, but effective.

For example, Sherri has moves where she uses her opponents’ hair to punch or knock them down. Another example was the Headbangers’ good tag team moves in the DLC. I noticed every one of their signature moves and couldn’t think of a tag move that the developers missed. Compared to the Dudley Boyz’ move set, the Headbangers seem flawless and more fun to play with.

The Post Malone and friends DLC sets the bar high for what is to come. I thought the ECW Punk Package was great, but the developers have taken it to a new level with the latest DLC.

The character models are nearly perfect and the attention to detail with which each legend uses a natural movement is incredible. Looking at the following new content from WWE 2K24, I believe that the Post Malone and friends is the new standard.

I give The Post Malone & Friends 9 out of 10.

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