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The secret to Cody Johnson’s continued success? Hard work + a strong work ethic

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Cody JohnsonThe secret to a successful career is hard work and the classic case of “you reap what you sow”.

“This year has been incredible. And you know, I think any time you have a big year, the impact of one big year begets another big year,” Cody says. “If you stick with it, if you keep at it, if you keep your work ethic at the highest level and stay motivated, the impact of one big year always carries over into the next big year.”

Sometimes it still feels surreal for Cody to play in front of a huge audience, especially since there were critics at the beginning of his career.

“For me, there were so many moments this year with people singing along to the lyrics and with almost 100,000 people showing up everywhere and singing the songs, and I thought, ‘Wow, I was the guy who was told I wasn’t going to be on the radio,'” the “‘Til You Can’t” hitmaker recalls.

Cody’s “Dirt cheap” is currently in the top 10 and climbing the country charts. It is the second single from his latest album, leatherand the successor to the chart hit “The painter.”

To see Cody on his ongoing leather tour, visit

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