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The world’s slowest new laptop is now on sale, with Windows 95 and a CPU that’s almost 40 years old – but at least it fits (almost) in your pocket and can run Doom or Commander Keen

These days, there are plenty of ways for retro gaming fans to get their nostalgia fix, including PC emulators, mobile gaming apps, and plug-and-play consoles for TVs, but the Pocket 386, a portable mini laptop, stands out by using original hardware for an authentic retro feel.

The device, which comes from China (of course), comes from the makers of the similar retro Book 8086 notebook (which runs Dos and Windows 3.0), and has the same specs but in a new form factor. It features a 40MHz 386-SX chip, 8MB of DRAM, a removable VGA card and a design reminiscent of computers from the early 90s.

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