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Tom Cruise’s underrated sci-fi film, which holds 91% on RT, needs a sequel 10 years later


  • Tom Cruise’s science fiction film “Edge of Tomorrow” deserves a sequel with its time loop concept and entertaining action.
  • Edge of Tomorrow 2 could pick up on Vrataski’s backstory and offer an original storyline, potentially creating a new action franchise for Cruise.
  • The future of Edge of Tomorrow 2 remains uncertain, possibly due to scheduling issues and other projects involving the cast and director.

Although it has been 10 years since this underrated Tom Cruise Although the sci-fi film premiered on Rotten Tomatoes and received a 91% vote, it still deserves a sequel. Despite being one of Hollywood’s most successful stars, Tom Cruise has had his ups and downs in his acting career. While some of his films have been panned by critics but done incredibly well at the box office, others have received incredible reviews but remained relatively less profitable.

In the latter category falls a sci-fi film starring Tom Cruise that premiered almost a decade ago and received rave reviews from audiences and critics. However, despite its critical success, the film was not as big a box office success as expected. Still, its sequel has been talked about for ages, making one wonder if it will ever see the light of day.


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Edge Of Tomorrow is Tom Cruise’s best science fiction film

The Minority Report probably comes very close to that

In his career spanning over four decades, Tom Cruise has starred in many science fiction films. While some of these films, such as war of the Worlds And oblivionstruggled to leave their mark, others, like Minority report And Vanilla Heavenstill have a high rewatch value. Since Tom Cruise has delivered many sci-fi hits, it would perhaps be unfair to call one his definitely best. the kind of crazy adventure, alien story and comic action Edge of Tomorrow brings to the table effortlessly makes this film one of his most outstanding works in the genre.

Minority report
Edge of Tomorrow
a tough fight for his money.

Vanilla Heaven is no less fascinating with its ideas and twists, but its inclination towards romance more than science fiction and comparisons with the Spanish original film it adapts place it somewhat behind Edge of Tomorrow. war of the Worlds was directed by the incredibly talented Steven Spielberg and featured an all-star cast including Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning and Tim Robbins. Unfortunately, while it had the potential to be one of Cruise’s best sci-fi films, it suffered from its lack of fresh ideas and uneven pacing.

Minority report gives Edge of Tomorrow a tough fight. In terms of influence and innovation Minority report even beats Edge of Tomorrow in more than one sense. However, Edge of Tomorrow is slightly more entertaining because its sci-fi concepts are accessible yet interesting and its war-centric action effectively captivates viewers. Since Tom Cruise is not a fan of the film due to his intimidating stunts and characterization in the Impossible mission Franchise, Edge of Tomorrow also gives an insight into his range of actions by portraying him as a hilarious, cowardly hero.


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Why Edge Of Tomorrow 2 should be released

The first film leaves enough room for a sequel

Emily Blunt's Rita and Tom Cruise's William Cage have an angry conversation in

The first Edge of Tomorrow The film has a conclusive ending in which Tom Cruise’s Major William Cage saves the day by destroying the Omega and reunites with Vrataski. Vrataski seems unaware of his identity, as Cruise’s character is sent back to base operations through a time loop after completing his mission. However, the final arc seems conclusive enough to provide audiences with some closure despite some logical inconsistencies. While this makes it hard not to wonder what a sequel might be about, the alien lore and time loop motif of the first film leave enough room for many new ideas.

Emily Blunt could also benefit from having another gripping post-apocalyptic film franchise under her belt after her success with The Last Chance.
A quiet place

Doug Liman once revealed (via Collider) The “Edge of Tomorrow 2 is a sequel that is a prequel,” which could mean that The film could explore Vrataski’s efforts to end the war as a Looper before she met Cage. By using forward-jumping time loops as a narrative device, the sequel could connect Vrataski’s backstory to the events of the first film and add new layers of time travel madness to the franchise’s narrative. Since the first Edge of Tomorrow The film is based on the book by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, All you need is killingthe second film would adopt an original plot, which would make it even more exciting and original.

With the opportunity to explore many narrative paths with its time loop trope, Edge of Tomorrow 2 could be as successful as the first film (if not more so). It could even mark the beginning of a new action franchise for Tom Cruise after Impossible missionEmily Blunt could also benefit from having another gripping post-apocalyptic film franchise under her belt following her success with Return of the Apes. A quiet place Movies.

Will “Edge Of Tomorrow 2” ever happen?

The future remains uncertain

Although Edge of Tomorrow 2The production of initially got underway and Doug Liman had also prepared the script, Unfortunately, the film has remained in development hell for yearsEmily Blunt read the script and said it had great ideas that promised Edge of Tomorrow 2 could be a worthy sequel that builds on the success of its predecessor. Doug Liman also recently gave some positive updates on Edge of Tomorrow 2 by revealing what Warner Bros. is like “constant” and asked him if he planned to revisit the franchise.

However, since Liman is busy with several other upcoming projects and also the sequel to Amazon’s widely successful Street House Remake, it seems uncertain when he will have time to Edge of Tomorrow Franchise. Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt are also part of several upcoming major projects, which could lead to scheduling problems during filming. Hopefully Edge of Tomorrow 2Production will begin soon and will ultimately pave the way for a full-fledged science fiction franchise.

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