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Uncooperative customer wouldn’t play ball after wrecking his truck, so this insurance adjuster made sure he had to come clean » TwistedSifter

Uncooperative customer wouldn’t play ball after wrecking his truck, so this insurance adjuster made sure he had to come clean » TwistedSifter

The guy you are about to read about is a real big shot!

Well… at least he THINKS he is…

Until everything collapsed!

Check out this story from Reddit and tell us what you think!

“Auto insurance adjusters are living in a valley of lies and misrepresentations.

At least half of the ten people I spoke to either left out something important, lied, or committed fraud.

Sounds like a fun job…

If mendacity really did smell like death, then I was surrounded by an ever-present stench. This story of malicious subjugation is one way to clear the air.

Helpful hints:

To receive insurance coverage, the named insured in a policy must comply with the insurance contract.

The DMV typically records the lender’s name on the vehicle title.

A total loss vehicle will be stored for approximately 45-60 days before storage fees are incurred.


Mr. Debtor had a very fancy (new to him) repair truck for everyday use. This truck had every option imaginable and was ultimately too powerful a vehicle for an inexperienced driver.

Surprise! Mr. Debtor destroyed this POS (piece of excrement) within three months of purchase.

It was chaos.

If you’re going to wreck it, do it right. This vehicle had a completely smashed front end with deployed airbags, rollover damage to all body panels, frame damage, broken glass and of course much of the engine compartment destroyed.

In short, this car is a total loss, meaning that the repair costs exceed 75% of the vehicle’s value and repair is no longer feasible.

Mr. Debtor’s minor physical injuries were overshadowed by the fatal blow to his pride.

He let me know that I was directly responsible for the accident he caused while under the influence of alcohol and for his injuries and that I should go to hell and live there.

That was the first call. Very nice. Fast forward and I made Mr. Debtor an offer to settle his total loss. I check with the DMV; there is no lender listed in the title.

Total loss call:

Me: “We are willing to settle this claim for you. Do you have the title?”

Mr. Debtor: “Yes.”

Me: “Do you have a loan for the car?”

He considered himself a high star.

Mr. Debtor: “No. Of course not!” (Insert long and misogynistic rant about his wealth, status and superiority here).

Me: “Thank you for sharing. I can come over today, meet you, sign the transfer of ownership and give you the money since you are the registered owner.”

Mr. Debtor: “No. I have to get the title from the safe deposit boxes at the bank.”

In the next 60 days:

Mr. Debtor has been hesitant about this title for over 2 months. Every week I call him and send him a letter, reminding him of the need for a signature and mitigation (towing, storage, etc.). And that brings us to the phone call that brought a breath of fresh air into the house:

The call that changes everything:

10:30 am, Monday

Me: “Hi, it’s been a while and I still need that title from you to settle your claim.”

Mr. Debtor: “You are bothering me.”

I’m just doing my job!

Me: “No, sir. I am fulfilling my obligations to you as a customer. I need to get your title to repay your debt.”

Mr. Debtor: “Listen, you follow my schedule. Not the other way around. You think you are… (insert elevator music of curses, insults and misogyny)”

Me: “Sir, I just want to save you the hassle of the truck. Storage will begin soon –”

Mr. Debtor: (interrupts) “I’ll call you when I’m ready. Then you’ll get the vehicle registration document. If you call me again, I’ll report it to the police. It’s your car! Take care of it.” (Call ended).

Mr. Debtor has made it clear to me that he is “not cooperating” and is violating his contractual obligations. I cannot “give up” on the salvage, but I can do this.

Oh boy!

11:00 am, Monday

Me: “Hello, accident insurer. You have Mr. Debtor’s truck on site. He is not ready to file his claim yet. Can you tow it back to 123 Debtor Hell Lane? Yes, that’s right. Into his driveway, please.”

And with that, Mr. Debtor’s miraculous wreck is towed to his property.

13:00, Monday

Mr. Debtor: WHAT THE HELL!!! The homeowners association called. You can’t leave that in my driveway! I’m going to sue you! My neighbors are asking questions (insert rant here).

Me: Hello, Mr. Debtor. I’m sorry you’re so confused. The truck is yours, after all. You are on the title and you have refused to help me process this claim. As you requested, the vehicle will remain on your property until you are ready.

Mr. Debtor: My homeowners association is fining me. YOU MUST PICK UP THE TRUCK IMMEDIATELY!!

Me: “No. You haven’t given the title yet. When you’re done, let me know. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

Mr. Debtor: (slowly lets out the air) You can’t do that!

Me: “Sir, the truck belongs to you. You refused to fill out the paperwork and I have no legal authority to store the vehicle indefinitely.”

Remember the Valley of Hypocrisy I mentioned? Double pack – 3, 2, 1…

Mr. Debtor: (a low growl is heard) “I am Broke Title Pawn.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Mr. Debtor: “I don’t have the title. It’s under ‘I’m Broke Title Pawn.'”

Me: (I won’t call him a liar, I won’t call him a liar, I won’t call him a liar)

“Oh, sorry, I misunderstood that you have the title. Can you give me your number?”

And with that the dragon was killed.

I call the high-interest subprime title pawn company. They were surprised to learn the vehicle was a total loss. And the remaining balance? $3,200 and 13 months.

Mr. Debtor thought we would hold onto his wreck for 13 months!! He signed and the lender got paid.

Oh yes, the vehicle. I had the signed papers in my hand and had the vehicle picked up on Tuesday morning.”

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