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Walton Goggins as Trevor Philips in the GTA movie could have been filmed anyway, but Rockstar’s only condition stopped all plans

Video game movies were a gamble in Hollywood cinema, and that’s why Rockstar Games boss Dan Houser was cautious about making a GTA Film that could have starred prolific actor Walton Goggins, who was quite a popular casting choice among fans.

As the former head writer and co-founder of Rockstar Games, Houser oversaw and protected the project so much that he turned down every possible call from filmmakers who wanted to make a movie out of the successful game series.

Why is there no GTA Filming?

In a recent interview with The ankleFormer VP of Creativity at Rockstar Games Dan Houser announced that they have received many offers to create a GTA movie, and every single time he said no.

After a few awkward dates, we (the people in charge) asked why we should do this. And we said, “No, you described that you are making a film and we have no control and we are taking a big risk that we will end up paying for with something that belongs to us.”

Fans may have wondered why there was never a real Grand Theft Auto Live action, and this is why. These studios want to have full control over the intellectual property, so Rockstar Games is not allowed to say anything about what happens in the film. It is already known that many video game films failed on the market for exactly this reason.

They thought we would be blinded by the lights, but that just wasn’t the case. We had billions of dollars worth of intellectual property, and the economics never made sense. The risk never made sense. At the time, the thinking was that games would make inferior movies.

Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, previously said via The Wrap The “If we were to do something like that, we would want to have complete creative control to make sure we expressed (GTA) the way we wanted to..” This also means that they will finance the project.

This one condition of the makers behind GTA is the reason why it is taking forever for fans to finally get a long overdue film adaptation. In fact, they already have their dream cast and one of them is Walton Goggins for Trevor Philips in Grand Theft Auto V.

Walton Goggins would have GTA Movie

Fans know Goggins from Amazon Primes Stand out as The Ghoul. He has long been a fan favorite actor who plays the lead role so that a GTA Movie happens.

It’s incredibly disappointing that fans may never see the actor in the role of Trevor, even though Rockstar Games has stated this as a top requirement for the game’s film adaptation. Fans can’t blame the video game publisher either. They want to protect the game’s legacy by not allowing any studio to run roughshod over it.

It would take a miracle to turn this situation around, but while the fans wait, check out and play GTA5 via PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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