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WASHINGTON COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) – Children in Washington County were hard at work putting out fires.

The Country Oaks Volunteer Fire Department hosted its first firefighter day camp.

The aim is to teach the children what to do in case of fire and at the same time introduce them to the profession of firefighters, while having lots of fun at the camp.

Children ages 2 to 16 were able to take part in miniature fire activities, including fire truck racing, an obstacle course and smashing cardboard boxes designed to look like burning buildings.

They also had the opportunity to extinguish fake fires.

“Oh my gosh. It makes me smile. I see all these young kids out here. I know most of them, so I’m really excited to see them here and just teach them something new. Every time we see them, it’s great,” said Troy Cunningham, chief of the Country Oaks VFD.

Inside, the children watched informative videos on fire prevention and were allowed to try out some equipment.

The blood donation bus was also on site at this event, so the adults started donating blood while the children played.

Cunningham says he plans to host many more camps in the future.

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