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Washington State Commission on African American Affairs surveys teachers to address inequality of opportunity

OLYMPIA, Wash. – The Washington State Commission on African American Affairs is conducting a survey of educators and mentors who work with black students.

According to the commission, the survey is intended to provide policymakers in Washington with more data to address the inequalities faced by black students who face gaps in educational opportunities and outcomes.

“Parents, caregivers, students and others who support African-American students attending public schools are asked to complete our survey. It is anonymous and can be completed in 15 minutes,” the commission said on social media.

Black students in the Spokane School District were about 3% more likely to be taught by an educator with less than five years of experience and generally performed worse than their white peers nationally.

The state commission hopes more information from educators will provide important insights for addressing the challenges facing students of color, who will make up the majority of students in Washington public schools by 2023, according to The Seattle Times.

“If this state requires all students to meet the same educational standards, it must also assume responsibility for providing sufficient resources to give all students a reasonable opportunity to achieve those standards,” the commission said.

The survey includes questions about the demographics of educators and mentors who work with black students, as well as what policy changes they would like to see from state government.

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