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Week 3 | Weightlifting for advanced and beginners for women over 40

Hi girls! How are you? Did you discover anything new about your body or your strength in week 2? I hope you did, and I hope you wrote it down. Watching and feeling your body change is exciting. Looking back and seeing how far you’ve come is the motivation! Oh! Tell me what you think about Copenhagen – love? Hate?

This week we’ll combine our ISO poses from week one with our unilateral exercises from last week. I want us to continue to challenge our muscles individually and in different ways, as well as our coordination, balance and control.

Let’s get started!

STRONGER: a participatory video series with Coach Laurel and her guide to weightlifting for beginning women over 40.

Your training sessions this week

This week we combine ISO postures from week 1 with one-sided exercises from week 2. One side holds while the other side pushes and pulls. This is where coordination is key; two sides doing two different exercises are hard. With the ISO grip, it is easy to forget your side, so pay attention to the correct alignment and contraction.

We will also challenge your balance during our lower body exercises. Stabilizing on one leg or leaning forward on one leg is very challenging. Do your best and adjust where necessary. The goal is to perform these movements without changes, without wobbling and losing your balance. Keep working until you can do that. It feels great when you do it!

Like last time, there is an upper body and a lower body workout designed to be repeated twice on alternate days, with an active rest day in between. Make sure to stay active on your rest days! Walk around an air-conditioned mall, go kayaking, or take an early morning walk before the heat sets in.

If you want to warm up with me, follow me here. You can also finish your workout with this short stretching video. Both the warm up and cool down videos are great for rest days too!

Week 3: Upper body training

Week 3: Lower Body Workout

The ideal training plan consists of an upper body and a lower body workout, repeated twice on alternate days, with an active rest day in between.The ideal training plan consists of an upper body and a lower body workout, repeated twice on alternate days, with an active rest day in between.

STRONGER Part 2, Week 2: A quick summary

My goal for you in week 3 is to continue to get stronger and work on your muscle imbalances. I want you to increase the weight on your weaker side this week or Increase the reps on both sides. In any case, try to increase it a little! Here’s what I changed and what you need to know:

  • Unilateral lifting and isostatic holding for the upper body. Ok, this is a mind and body challenge. Keep one arm in the ISO position while you press, fly, deadlift, row, and squat. Your mind will only want to focus on the moving arm, not the holding arm. This will cause your arm to fall out of alignment or slowly fall out of position. Pay attention to both sides as much as possible. For me, the ISO position of the shrug is the hardest when lifting the other side. Do as many reps as you can with your normal weight, then drop down to complete all reps.
  • 3 Chairs Elevated Triceps Dips. Find three chairs or whatever you have that are the same height. Put one hand on each chair and your feet on the third chair. Again, we’ll increase the difficulty level. As we continue to work those triceps in different ways, you should feel them getting stronger and hopefully more toned.
  • Reverse snow angel. Lie on your stomach like you would when making a snow angel, only this time. Lift yourself up and start making a snow angel, pushing while pulling your arms down at your sides.
  • Side step-downs. This unilateral leg exercise is hard. I modified it in the video by using a yoga block. You can go higher to increase the difficulty. If you have a stable bench, go for it. Try it! Your goal is touchdowns from the bench, work your way up to that. Remember to engage your core. Touch the floor with your heel, then push back up. Speaking of muscle weakness and imbalance, the first time I did this, I cried. My left side couldn’t push back up. It was so frustrating. Over time, I got strong enough to bench with both legs, and you will too.
  • Monster walks. Keep the band under resistance the whole time and run like a monster, lol.
  • Deadlift with raised toes. Lift your toes about 2 to 3 inches and perform your normal deadlift. This exercise shifts your weight back to your heel.
  • Lunge with raised forefoot for stabilization. Stand on your yoga block, box, or study book. Extend your leg back into a lunge and then push yourself up to standing, keeping your leg up. This is great for balance and core activation. Engage your core the entire time!
  • Airplane. I love this exercise because it feels good to open the hips and then the burn starts. If necessary, use something to help you balance yourself. Here are your modifications: Hold onto something with your whole hand, then switch to just your fingers. Work your way up to no hands at all. You’ll feel that burn in your standing leg and in your glutes. As always, the core is tight. It will help you balance.
  • Lower body finisher. Goblet squat pulses with elevated heels. Put your heels on something 2-3 inches high, go deep into your goblet squat and start pulsing. The burn is real, ladies! Set a timer for 2-10 minutes.

Your entire training month at a glance

STRONGER Series II with Laurel Card: a downloadable guide to weightlifting for beginning women over 40. STRONGER Series II with Laurel Card: a downloadable guide to weightlifting for beginning women over 40.

Click here to purchase our guide!

While you can always follow along on YouTube, if you prefer to workout at the gym or train at your own pace, this guide is for you. You can print it out or read it on your device of choice if you want something on the go. It includes:

  • Clickable links to videos where I demonstrate each exercise
  • The ideal training plan
  • Weekly Tips
  • Additional 10-minute abdominal finisher exercises
  • A selection of our team’s most popular equipment and accessories
  • Recipes for before and after training

What equipment do I need?

For more tips on choosing the right weight and equipment, check out our Everything You Need to Know video and/or the FAQ section of this article. You can find more of our most popular gear and equipment in our Amazon store. But first, you’ll need:

  • Dumbbells, multiple weights (this is the complete set I use – it’s pretty haha ​​– you can get weights and stands separately too)
  • Resistance bands (I use these)
  • A workout bench (this is mine, but you can also use a chair and your floor)
  • (New) Yoga block or fitness step (something like this or this)

Weekly tip: Do these workouts anywhere

Now that it’s summer and people are out and about and traveling, you’re probably wondering how you can fit in your workouts, especially if your accommodation doesn’t have a gym and you’re not traveling with your weights. It’s ok! If you have resistance bands, you can do almost anything (if not all) of the exercises in sets one and two. Not to mention, there’s also the benefit of doing them without weights! You can focus on your technique, alignment, control, and core engagement. Your muscles will still be worked, and you’ll still get a workout. By not using weights, you can combine upper and lower body for a full-body workout.

Bands like these can be used for both upper body and lower body exercises. The band also shows you how much weight is being resisted so you can keep track of your goals. What do you think… do we need a workout plan for on the go? One that uses body weight and resistance bands? Let me know in the comments!

For fun: Weekly outfit inspiration

I am So attracted to this color! Maybe it’s because it reminds me of an orange popsicle I used to eat as a child on hot summer days. And, well, it was hot here recently, so my inner child would love a Creamsicle. 😋 No, but seriously, isn’t this color fun and summery?? I would definitely feel joy and motivation if I put this outfit on in the morning.

Shop the look

Your weekly recipe: Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

Speaking of orange popsicles on hot summer days… Let’s skip all the artificial ingredients from the popsicles I ate as a kid and try this healthy creamsicle smoothie. Yes, please!


  • 2 frozen bananas

  • 1 fresh banana

  • 3 whole, chopped oranges, peel and seeds removed*

  • 1-2 cups coconut water

  • 1 teaspoon alcohol-free organic vanilla extract


    *If you don’t have a high-speed blender, try using a cup of fresh orange juice as the oranges may not blend evenly.

    **Look for a natural vanilla extract (made from the seeds of the vanilla bean), not a “vanilla flavor.”

    Pour the coconut water into the blender. Puree with the oranges until smooth.

    Add the frozen and fresh bananas and the vanilla and blend again until you get a very smooth and creamy mixture. If you use only fresh bananas instead of frozen, the smoothie will still taste great! It just won’t be as creamy and dessert-like.

    Serve immediately and enjoy!

We wish you good luck this week. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!



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