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What is it doing near a farm in Bellvue?


The appearance of a second mysterious monolith raises the question of whether we should be prepared for interplanetary visitors.

Residents in northern Colorado reported seeing a tall, reflective monolith in Bellvue, about 7 miles northwest of Fort Collins.

It resembles another monolith that mysteriously appeared on a hiking trail north of Las Vegas less than two weeks ago.

The Instagram account of the Howling Cow Cafe, a restaurant on Bellvue’s Morning Fresh Dairy Farm near the monolith, has been sharing photos of the mirrored structure towering over the sweeping hills of northern Colorado. People are asking what the structure is and how it got there.

“‘What could this be?’ is the question of the week here at the cafe as many come in asking about this mysterious structure. A monolith, a sculpture, a local artist or aliens… we don’t know?!” the Howling Cow Cafe explained in its post.

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Second mysterious monolith in 2 weeks

The monolith in Colorado was formed recently under similarly unknown circumstances as the monolith near Las Vegas.

Similar objects have appeared in various locations around the world. Towards the end of 2020, sightings were reported in places as diverse as a remote part of Utah, Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, and Romania.

Most of those structures have since been removed. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said it assisted in removing the Vegas monolith on June 20, citing public safety and environmental concerns.

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