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When he found out his fiancée had spent ,000 on her wedding dress, he canceled their expensive honeymoon – Chip Chick

This man and his fiancée will be getting married later this year. They sat down and came up with a conservative budget for their special day.

The wedding is rather small with only 30 invited guests and takes place on a property owned by a family friend.

He and his fiancée did everything they could to keep costs down. They made all the decorations themselves, sent their RSVPs online and ordered their wedding cake from Costco.

Although they want to spend as little money as possible on their wedding day, he and his fiancée treat themselves to an extremely expensive honeymoon as a special treat.

“I let my fiancée buy her wedding dress because I thought she was mature enough to stay within our budget,” he explained.

“I found out she had spent $10,000 on a dress she would only wear once. She argued that it was her dream wedding dress and that she had agreed to give me an ugly wedding.”

“I had no idea she felt that way because she never expressed it. She says she can afford the dress. But we can’t afford the dress. We don’t even have a house.”

He believes her dress was custom made and therefore cannot be returned, and that they will never see the $10,000 again.

Realistically, he and his fiancée cannot afford to spend that much money on a dress and their honeymoon.

Ulia Koltyrina – – for illustration purposes only, not the actual person

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