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Why do gamers wear gaming glasses and are they really helpful?

While experienced gamers have no doubt heard of gaming glasses before, newcomers to the industry may not be as familiar with them. So, before we get into their effectiveness, let’s dive into what gaming glasses actually are. One of the biggest downsides to video games is the strain they put on your eyes. Well, the games themselves aren’t to blame, but staring directly at a screen for hours on end isn’t exactly natural. Eye strain isn’t a life-threatening problem, but it can manifest itself in dry eyes, blurred vision, headaches, pain, sensitivity to light, and even negatively affect your sleep patterns. Essentially, it brings with it a ton of discomfort, and while it can come from working long hours or watching TV, it’s easy to see that video games can be one of the main causes.

Gaming glasses are advertised as a way to prevent or relieve eyestrain. They feature a special coating on the lenses that reduces reflections and glare, preventing light from a monitor from reflecting into your eyes. Gaming glasses also feature a special tint that filters out blue light, giving the lenses their usual blue or yellow color. Some even have built-in magnification to help you see details better and squint less, while others can work your poor eyesight into the lenses. But does all of this really work?

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