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Why the biggest Roseanne comeback of the 7th season of “The Conners” can no longer work


  • The Conners
    Season 7 may feature a cameo from David Healy, but his absence could actually benefit the series.
  • The tragic end of Darlene and David’s relationship in
    The Conners
    Season 6 revealed a deconstructed love story.
  • David’s absence at Mark’s high school graduation ceremony could mean that his return to
    The Conners
    Season 7 is unlikely.



Although The Conners Season 7 could technically be a big Roseanne Although the character was nominated for a final cameo, the spin-off’s storylines have robbed the character’s potential return of any emotional impact. The Conners has a large number of characters, most of which the show has taken over from its predecessor, Roseanne. When Roseanne was revived in 2017 and was almost as successful as the family sitcom was during its original run from 1989 to 1997. However, series star Roseanne Barr went on a racist tirade on Twitter shortly after the series ended, which led to the network firing her and revamping the series.

The Conners replaced Roseannetells the story of the former heroine’s grieving family after learning of her death from an off-screen opioid overdose. The Conners continued from Roseanne in the years that followed, as her widow Dan remarried and the busy lives of her adult children continued. The show still felt like a direct continuation of Roseanne as most of the main characters were the same, but the series introduced new supporting actors instead of relying heavily on nostalgic comebacks of the original cast. The Conners The cameo appearance in season 7 became unnecessary.


Before season 7 ends the show, The Conners prove why Roseanne’s sitcom premise still works

Roseanne’s focus on real-life working-class issues returned when the sixth-season finale of The Conners focused on Mark’s attempts to save money for college tuition.

David Healy’s return in season 7 of “The Conners” would be pointless

Ben replaced David as Mark’s father and Darlene’s lover

Sara Gilbert as Darlene and Johnny Galecki as David in The Conners
Custom image by Yailin Chacon

David appeared in seasons 1 and 2 of
The Conners
to mend his relationship with Darlene. These attempts were unsuccessful and after a particularly disastrous couples therapy session, David and Darlene ended their long-term romance for good.

While many characters from the original series could appear in the final part of the spinoff, Johnny Galecki’s Roseanne Hero David Healy is the biggest star who could return in The Conners Season 7However, David’s comeback wouldn’t mean much now, as his character has effectively been replaced by Jay R. Ferguson’s Ben. RoseanneIn the original series, Galecki played Darlene’s mild-mannered boyfriend, David. David was a constant presence in the series and was practically adopted by the Conner family due to his turbulent personal life. Although he lacked confidence, David truly loved Darlene and planned a future with her.

In one of the saddest twists of the show ever, The Conners proved that Darlene and David’s attempts to keep their family together failed. The Conners Supporting actors Harris and Mark were the children of David and Darlene, but by the time the spin-off began, they had already become estranged from their absent father. David reappeared in seasons 1 and 2 of The Connersto save his relationship with Darlene. These attempts were unsuccessful, and after a particularly disastrous couples therapy session, David and Darlene ended their long-term romance for good. As a result, there isn’t much for David to do in Lanford.

The Conners have already brought back David Healy

Johnny Galecki’s long guest role dragged on

David and Ben argued in the first two seasons of The ConnersMeaning David has already received a worthy farewell from Roseanne‘s offshoot. The relationship between David and Darlene was always flawed, with Darlene’s sarcastic comments often hurting David’s insecurities and David’s lack of confidence making him a pushover. Although this seemed endearing and typical of most sitcom couples in the original series, RoseanneThe revival of proved that these problems were a serious problem for the couple. David and Darlene lived in poverty after they moved out and struggled to raise their children due to irregular employment.

Since Marks The Conners The end of season 7 is unlikely to be a happy one, the last thing he needs is for his father to come back into his life. David’s attempts to make his relationship with Darlene work were a disaster in seasons 1 and 2, jeopardizing her promising romance with Ben and offering little support to Mark and Harris. It would be nice to know that David’s life was going well before then. RoseanneThe Last Chance spin-off is ending, but it’s hard to see how the series could justify bringing back this supporting star after he and Darlene split in a falling out.

The relationship between Darlene and David ended terribly in The Conners

The Roseanne couple’s happy ending was thoroughly deconstructed

The birth of their daughter Harris seemed to give the quarreling couple peace and meaning, but
The Conners
announced that David had left Darlene alone to care for the children.

RoseannThe original series ending is a little difficult to unravel, as the series rewrote most of the ninth season with a surprise twist in the finale. That is, David’s return to The Conners Killing Roseanne completely deconstructed any happy ending he and Darlene had in the original series. The birth of their daughter Harris seemed to give the feuding couple a sense of peace and purpose, but The Conners revealed that David left Darlene alone to care for the children after Mark’s birth, giving away the duo’s happy ending and reducing the chances of a lasting reconciliation.

The revelation that Darlene and David did not stay together after Roseanne completed was sad in itself, but Season 6 of the series made it even more tragic. In Season 6, Episode 6, “Hanging in Dorms with Boys and The Secret Life of Men,” Darlene described her and David’s living conditions as “Bitter poverty.” This implies that Mark and Harris grew up in even worse circumstances than viewers may have realized, and the line thoroughly dashed any hopes viewers had of an eventual reunion of the couple. Season 6 confirmed that Darlene and David’s love story ended in tragedy.

The Season 5 Finale of The Conners Made David’s Exit Even Worse

Mark’s father promised to attend his graduation ceremony, but did not show up

It’s not clear if David would even be welcome in the family home, especially after Mark gave a speech about how much more Ben meant to him as a father figure.

Since The Conners Season 7 could bring underrated supporting characters to the forefront. If David does not return, the character’s absence could be a good thing for the series. However, David’s return would be unlikely even if the series did not have other priorities. What makes Galecki’s comeback in Season 7 particularly unlikely is the fact that David did not show up for Mark’s high school graduation in the season 5 finale. In season 5, episode 22, “Grad Finale,” Mark invited his father, even though he knew that he might not attend the ceremony because the unreliable David had a long history of breaking important agreements.

Although Mark knew David might not be able to attend his graduation, he was still heartbroken when his father canceled. So it’s not clear if David would even be welcome in the family home, especially after Mark gave a speech about how much more Ben meant to him as a father figure. This is a pretty devastating end to a sitcom love story that lasted nearly 35 years, with Ben and Darlene never getting over their issues and instead going their separate ways. Yet now it’s too late for The Conners Season 7 to the Roseanne saddest plot of the spin-off.

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