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Willie Taggart says RB Derrick Henry’s work habits are ‘elite’

In March, the Baltimore Ravens signed running back Derrick Henry to a two-year deal to open their free agency. There have long been rumors since last year’s trade deadline that Henry would join Baltimore, and now the two teams have finally joined forces.

Henry has worked hard to get himself into the swing of things with his new team before the season begins. Ravens running backs coach Willie Taggart described Henry’s work habits as “elite” and said he hates to do anything wrong.

“Elite. (Derrick Henry) is a guy that hates to get anything wrong. It literally makes him mad to get something wrong and I have to remind him, ‘Hey, Derrick, it’s training. That’s why it’s called training. We’re going to make mistakes sometimes, but don’t make the same one twice.’ But he wants to be the best and he wants to know everything that’s going on. When he’s not here, he’ll text me and ask me what we’re putting in, or when he’s watching film, he’ll ask me something about what’s on the film (and) what we’re doing. As a coach, it’s been great to have a guy like him who’s played for so long and still wants to play at a high level.”

Henry will join one of the NFL’s best offenses and hopes to be a force in the team’s backfield this season. He is still an incredibly dominant player and should fit well alongside quarterback Lamar Jackson.

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