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Woman arrested for calling police to ‘cancel a date with a man she met online’

A woman was arrested for falsely reporting a crime after calling police and making up a story to avoid a first date.

Sumaya Thomas, 18, had planned a romantic evening with a stranger she met on a dating app. But when he showed up at her door on June 16, she suddenly got “cold feet” and called the police.

The woman from North Liberty, Iowa, told police that the man was her “violent” ex who had “threatened” to physically harm her, according to an affidavit in the bizarre case.

Thomas, who also falsely claimed she was pregnant with the man’s child, said he intended to “hit, kick and stab” her.

When officers arrived at the scene, the man told them that he had met Thomas on a dating app just about a week ago, providing officers with evidence of the message exchange between the two.

Sumaya Thomas was arrested after giving false information to the police just to avoid a first date.
Sumaya Thomas was arrested after giving false information to the police just to avoid a first date. Johnson County Sheriff’s Office

“The conversation showed that he was honest and had really just met this woman,” the affidavit states.

However, Thomas had told officers that they had known each other for two years and accused the man of being “abusive” and “threatening to harm her.” He claimed that their written communication had taken place via Snapchat.

Officials later discovered that Thomas was lying and had deleted messages between her and her date from her phone. She eventually admitted to making these false statements because she had gotten cold feet about meeting him.

Man dials 911 on a digital phone in an emergency situation
According to the affidavit, Thomas falsely claimed her date was a “violent” ex-boyfriend who sent threatening messages. eliosdnepr –

The report states: “She did not believe the police would help her, so she made up the call and the events she described.”

As a result, the man, whose name was not disclosed, was detained for more than an hour.

According to the Daily Mail, Thomas was arrested and charged with two counts of making a false statement relating to an indictable offence to a public body (a misdemeanor) and one count of making a false statement relating to an emergency call.

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