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World Journal wins an unprecedented 27 national awards for its work in 2023

Employee report

OUR WORLD – The World Journal, which has been named the best newspaper in its class for the past three years in a row, has once again received a major award from the Colorado Press Association (CPA).

The CPA announced last week that members of the WJ Employees won 27 awards in the 2024 Better News Media competition for their work in 2023.

These are the most awards that WJ has ever won in a single year of the competition. Last year, the newspaper took home 26 awards – and once again received the competition’s coveted “General Excellence” award.

In this year’s competition WJ Wins in numerous categories across advertising, writing, photography and design.

Among the staff, Mark Craddock won 13 awards in writing, photography, graphic design and advertising; Ruth Stodghill won five writing awards; Geri Ugolini-Craddock won two photography awards; columnist Ken Saydak won two awards; Ruth Orr won two writing awards; Jim Lambert won a photography award and associate editor Brian Orr won an advertising award.

Specific awards – and honors in the context of the “General Election” – will only be announced at the CPA’s annual conference at the end of August.

Although the newspaper is one of the rapidly shrinking local newspapers in Colorado, World Journal competes with the state’s largest weekly newspapers, including Denver-based Westword and Colorado Politics.

“It’s always nice to get recognition from your peers,” said Brian Orr. “But literally, when we win, you win.”

“Above all, these awards reflect our ongoing commitment to providing a newspaper that consistently informs and engages our readers and is essential to the communities in which we operate,” Orr said.

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